No shit! Experts say backdoors and encryption limits are security risks


Adding backdoors so governments can access data is a "major security risk". This is the (perhaps slightly obvious) conclusion of security experts and cryptographers writing in a report entitled Keys Under Doormats: Mandating insecurity by requiring government access to all d READ MORE

Our Impoverished Debate About Housing Segregation

A quest to remedy poverty has animated a certain cross section of American society since Jacob Riis took his camera and flash bulb into the dank tenements of Manhattan and produced How the Other Half Lives in 1890. Let’s call this cross section the liberal establishment.

Graphene-Based Microphone Could Let You Hear Like a Bat
Illustration: UC Berkeley

As a species, humans have evolved to have certain strengths and weaknesses. While we don’t have the sonar-like range finding capabilities of bats or dolphins, we do have the brains to engineer a device that can give that capability to us.


Marc Chagall’s ‘Magic Flute’ Production Designs Remembered
Happy birthday Marc Chagall. READ MORE
East-End Adventures: Inside the Hamptons Art World
Art lovers who came East were treated to a quartet of events over the holiday weekend. (How do you spell-check shmancy?) READ MORE
An Honest Comedian on Guns

In the endless struggle for gun sanity in America, it’s easy to get discouraged. Despite the President’s brave words immediately after the Charleston massacre—reprised in his indelible eulogy, a few days later, at the funeral of State Senator Clementa Pinckney—many people seem to think the real truth is that nothing at all has really happened in the struggle against gun violence, and that, perhaps, nothing can happen. It’s even been suggested that we have chosen to focus, successful READ MORE

The secret to better armor and robots might lie in the tail of a seahorse
Seahorse tail designScientists constantly look to nature for inspiration when it comes to the next big breakthrough, but even the biggest dreamers in the community probably didn’t think to look at seahorses for advancements in […] G READ MORE
What I Assume Honoré de Balzac Thought After Drinking Each of His Fifty Daily Cups Of Coffee

The nineteenth-century French writer Honoré de Balzac supposedly consumed fifty cups of coffee per day. Based on that information, and facts I vaguely remember from his Wikipedia page, here are what his thoughts probably were following each cup.

See the rest of the story at

Related: READ MORE
Facebook Announces Fifth Data Center, Located In Fort Worth, Texas
fort-worth-data-center-rendering Facebook just took the wraps off its fifth data center, with this one landing in Fort Worth, Texas. Like most things at Facebook, the center already has its own Facebook Page. The Fort Worth location joins the four existing centers in Oregon, Iowa, North Carolin READ MORE
Netflix Moves Into Original Feature Films, Starting This October
beasts-of-no-nation Netflix is ready to become a home for feature films, giving the industry a new outlet for movie production in an era of declining ticket sales – a trend that has led to a large influx of what studios’ believe will be sure-fire hits, like remakes and sequels. The first film o READ MORE
What is San Diego Comic-Con really about?


Tomorrow night begins my seventh sojourn to the greatest geekfest and pop-culture event on the planet. Imitator shows are everywhere this Century, but none commands character and class like the original. READ MORE

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active vs. Galaxy S6: Up close

Gizmag compares the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active (left) to the Galaxy S6: two outstanding phones that complement each other perfectly

It's easy to see the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active as a niche device for outdoorsy, Bear Grylls types. B READ MORE

Translation Connector for AEM helps companies manage localized content

Language translation

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is used by many businesses to control content and ensure that it's consistent across channels. But what it doesn't help with is localizing sites into different languages.

Into this gap is stepping translation specialist READ MORE

How Disruptive is Tesla, Really?

Applying the theory of disruptive innovation to Tesla is not as simple as it seems.

Tesla’s entry into the automotive industry has fascinated industry analysts, scholars and customers, who love to debate its viability and long term prospects. Will yet another fairytale story of entrant success and incumbent displacement unfold in the coming years or will dominant players with their massive resources crush this little upstart?

Malware-as-a-service is cyber criminals’ new lucrative business

Faceless cyber criminal hacker

Organized criminal gangs (OCGs) are increasingly using software services of the type more usually associated with legitimate corporations to grow their operations. By offering malware-as-a-service, OCGs are employing business models simila READ MORE

Danish festival-goers donate urine to help make beer

Males could just let the fluids flow into urinals positioned strategically throughout the festival grounds, but females wanting to contribute to the project had to use a P-Mate disposable urine director

Rather than collect and treat the copious amount of pee produced by beer-swigging live music lovers, the organizers of last week's Roskil READ MORE

Directed Energy Weapons from watts to gigawatts
After a nearly half-century quest, the U.S. military today is on the cusp finally fielding operationally relevant directed-energy weapons. While megawatt-class lasers to shoot down ballistic missiles remain, for now, a distant prospect, today’s tactical lasers are potentially useful, cost-effective approaches for countering threats such as low-cost drones and small READ MORE
Heliopause Electrostatic Rapid Transit System (HERTS)
An Electric Sail (E-sail) propulsion study has been funded for a 2015 NAIC Phase II study. The international team includes: the inventor and patent holder of the E-Sail propulsion system (Dr. Pekka Janhunen of the Finish Meteorological Institute (FMI), the Principal Investigator for NASA’s previous Tether Satellite System experiments that were flown on the Space Shuttle (Dr. Nobie Stone READ MORE
Athens-founded Transifex Raises $4M In Series A, Led by Toba Capital
translate translation Amid the craziness of Greece right now, at least some startups are still ‘keeping on keeping on’. To that end, localisation software startup Transifex has secured $4 million in Series A funding, led by Toba Capital with participation from seed VC investors NEA, Arafura Ve READ MORE
DMGI, The Daily Mail’s VC Arm, Invests $5M In Indian Property Analytics Firm Liases Foras
money cash DMGI, the venture capital arm of British tabloid newspaper — yes, even the Daily Mail does tech investment — has continued its spree in data-centric startups India after putting $5 million into real estate research and analytics firm Liases Foras. READ MORE
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