YC-Backed Ironclad Is An Automated Legal Assistant For Companies
DSCN5814-L Launching out of the latest YC class, Ironclad is an automated service to help companies draft, organize, and execute common legal paperwork. Expensive legal bills are often an unwelcome reality for young startups. Lawyers charge hundreds of dollars an hour, but are often a company’s only option READ MORE
“UAVbnb” DroneBase Is DJI And Accel’s First SkyFund Investment
DroneBase 4 Drone manufacturing king DJI has a plot to expand its unmanned aerial empire. It’s teamed up with prestigious VC Accel to launch the $10 million SkyFund, which invests in companies expanding the drone market — and DJI’s sizable slice of it. Today SkyFund revealed to me that its first i READ MORE
"Death Star" laser sets new world record in Japan

The LFEX laser at Osaka University

Laser engineers in Japan claim to have set a new record for firing the world's most powerful laser, with a peak power equal to a thousand times total world energy consumption. It conjures images of a real-life "Death Star" laser, but could actually help unlock the mysteries of the universe.

.. Continue Reading READ MORE
Who is your IT outsourcing firm working for?


While the US Government has been remarkably opaque about the recently discovered security breach at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), we know that personal information on at least 21.5 million present, former, and prospective federal employees was lost. The Feds claim C READ MORE

Facebook makes new security checkup tool available to everyone

A couple of months ago Facebook started to talk about a new security tool. It was initially only made available to a select group of users, but today it rolls out to all.

Haven Project to promote healthy lifestyles, add green spaces to the South Bronx

The Haven Project will see the introduction of a new network of connected open spaces in the South Bronx

The residents of New York's South Bronx suffer from relatively high levels of diabetes, childhood asthma and pedestrian injuries. A new initiative called the Haven Project is planning to use green open spaces to combat these issues, not o READ MORE

PicMonkey Grabs $41 Million Investment
PicMonkey CEO and Spectrum PicMonkey, a Seattle-based photo editing web app just secured a $41 million growth equity investment from Spectrum Equity. This is the three-year-old company’s first ever round of outside funding, the site has bootstrapped its way into profitability. “PicMon READ MORE
GoButler Takes Its Virtual Personal Assistant Out Of Beta, Raises $8M
gobutler GoButler has a straightforward premise — you should be able to send a text message and one of its “Heroes” will help you get whatever you need, whether you want to order dinner or make a flight reservation. Today, the startup is announcing that it has moved out of beta testing and is availa READ MORE
How to import iTunes playlists into Groove Music in Windows 10


If you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 you’ll likely have discovered an app called Groove Music. This is the new name for Xbox Music which was included in Windows 8.x.

When you first open the app there’s not much to see. Groove Music is a rather bland looking affair with lots of white space. The app will a READ MORE

KFC’s "Memories Bucket" packs a photo printer in the base

The Memories Bucket has a Bluetooth printer built into its base

To celebrate its 60th anniversary in Canada, KFC has built a photo printer into the base of its iconic chicken bucket. Dubbed the "Memories Bucket" the limited edition pail connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth to print out the many precious memories you’ve made while downing your dinner. READ MORE

With A Slew Of US Investors, Zimmber Launches Home Service Marketplace For india
11527651436_9bf8368136_h A who’s-who of big time American investors are bringing the marketplace investment thesis behind HomeJoy and Handy to India — backing the new startup Zimmber. Ram Shriram, the founder of Sherpalo Ventures and an investor in Google, IDG Ventures, the Omidyar Network, READ MORE
Betterment Tops 100,000 Customers And $2.5B Under Management
moneyrubicks Automated investment service Betterment is growing at a torrid pace through the first half of 2015. The company has managed to woo over 100,000 customers to its algorithm based investment service and has grown its assets under management to $2.5 billion. READ MORE
As Patents Expire, Farmers Plant Generic GMOs

Monsanto no longer controls one of the biggest innovations in the history of agriculture.

Billy Maddox planted 100 acres of Roundup Ready soybeans this year. The big news is he didn’t pay Monsanto a dime.

As Patents Expire, Farmers Plant Generic GMOs

Monsanto no longer controls one of the biggest innovations in the history of agriculture.

Billy Maddox planted 100 acres of Roundup Ready soybeans this year. The big news is he didn’t pay Monsanto a dime.

Microsoft begins roll out of Windows 10 free upgrade

Windows 10 is available in 190 countries from July 29, though Microsoft is staggering the roll out due to the expected high demand

Microsoft has started rolling out its latest operating system to users around the world. Windows 10 is available as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 users, with its development guided by feedback from millions of early te READ MORE

Securing Virtual Container-Based Applications
containers Virtual containers are among the hottest technologies in the software development world today. Containerization is an approach to virtualization in which apps and all their components are packaged up and compartmentalized but share a common operating system environment. Since containers share a single OS READ MORE
Windows 10 tips for gamers: How to save your bandwidth, do a clean install, and more
This is a default option in Windows 10 that shares update files with others in a peer-to-peer network.

Just because you have a new operating system doesn’t mean everything is working like it should.

Here’s a secret: If you installed Windows 10 today, you agreed to have your computer act as a peer-to-peer READ MORE

White House calls for upgrade to law protecting consumer cloud data from law enforcement
Obama White House blackberry

The law that protects the privacy of consumer data in the cloud, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), was written in 1986 before the cloud even existed, and the White House has now READ MORE

CERN develops miniature linear accelerator for medical use

Serge Mathot with the first of the four modules that will make up the miniature accelerator

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN is where the miraculous meets the impractical. In addition to probing the secrets of the Uni READ MORE

Dream killer: 4 nasty truths about U.S. fintech
burst bubble


My family came here to pursue their dreams and share their success with the people that they care about. That’s why, since landing in the U.S. 20 years ago, my family has been sending money back to the Dominican Republic every single month.

We’re not READ MORE

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