DrumPants as a trigger-activated communication system

The DrumPants Trigger-Activated Communication System extends the capabilities of the DrumPants wearable MIDI controller to fit the needs of people with speech impairments who could use some help communicating


KFC saves phones from greasy fingers with tray liner keyboard

The keyboard is incorporated into a paper tray insert

Texting is so much a part of modern life that some people can't even pause for a meal of fried chicken without sending a message. As part of an advertising campaign and in an effort to avoid an epidemic of greasy smartphone screens, KFC restaurants in Germany have been giving away paper tray liners with bui READ MORE

Korea’s Yello Mobile Buys Influencer Marketing Firm Gushcloud
Screenshot 2015-05-22 13.09.08(2) Yello Mobile, the Korean company that gobbled up 61 companies last year and recently raised $100 million, is always hungry for acquisitions, and it’s back at the table again after picking up Gushcloud, a Singapore-based influencer marketing platform that o READ MORE
Nikesh Arora Will Take Over From SoftBank CEO As Chairman Of Yahoo Japan
softbank logo Another sign that former Google head of business Nikesh Arora is poised to take over the top spot at SoftBank: he will replace current chief executive officer Masayoshi Son as chairman of Yahoo Japan’s board of directors. SoftBank currently holds a 43 percent stake in Yahoo Japan. Son will rem READ MORE
Computational Aesthetics Algorithm Spots Beauty That Humans Overlook

Beautiful images are not always popular ones, which is where the CrowdBeauty algorithm can help, say computer scientists.

One of the depressing truths about social media is that the popularity of an image is not necessarily an indication of its quality. It’s easy to find hugely popular content of dubious quality. But it’s much harder to find unpopular content of high quality.

LG Watch Urbane vs. Moto 360: Quick look

Gizmag goes hands-on to compare the LG Watch Urbane (left) and Moto 360

We might see some new Android Wear gear next week at Google I/O. But until then, the READ MORE

Google brings open source gaming to Cardboard


Virtual reality is definitely a popular thing nowadays. Unfortunately, the hardware can be rather expensive. Not to worry though, it doesn't have to be pricey. Last year, Google released its Cardboard project, bringing virtual reality to anyone with a co READ MORE

Apple Watch Bands Show Up In Apple Retail Stores
IMG_9951 Apple has indeed started putting Apple Watch inventory on sale for walk-in shoppers in its retail stores, for the first time since the Apple Watch officially launched. Reports from this morning started coming in of stores getting stock, and now TechCrunch has verified this by going to the Apple Store in Toron READ MORE
Hackers leak the sexual preferences of millions of online daters to the dark web

Pants Down Caught Handcuffed Bound Bondage

The details of millions of users of Adult FriendFinder -- the dating site with the tagline "hookup, find sex or mee READ MORE

Google apologizes for Maps racism


When it hit the national news that searching for certain racist and offensive words in Google Maps brought up the White READ MORE

Google apologizes for Maps racism


When it hit the national news that searching for certain racist and offensive words in Google Maps brought up the White READ MORE

Horseshoe bat-inspired sonar system could outperform current tech

A horseshoe bat, with its clever nose and ears

While just about everyone knows that bats locate prey in the dark using echolocation, one thing that many people may not realize is the fact that horseshoe bats are particularly good at it. With this in mind, engineers at Virginia Tech are now developing a sonar system that emulates the system used by READ MORE

The “Death” Of Anything Is Overrated
shutterstock_59750443 In the tech world, everyone aspires to “kill” something. At least, that is what you would think from the media coverage. “The death” of gamification. Of cable. Of video games. Of the Detroit auto industry. Real estate, car dealers, money, paper – all the READ MORE
Tech IPO Scorecard: Shopify Skyrockets 51%, While Baozun Rises A Slimmer 4.6%
shopify-ipo Two tech companies went public today, both posting first-day gains. The Canadian Shopify popped a massive 51 percent, while Baozun picked up a slimmer 4.6 percent. While seeing your share price appreciate on your IPO day is always welcome, Baozun had to work harder to get its pop than Shopify. READ MORE
Nobot wants to put people to work … in robot form

Nobot is a robot shell controlled by a human operator

We hear plenty of discussion about robots taking over our jobs, so it's a refreshing change to hear about a robot designed to create them instead. Its name is Nobot, and what makes this machine unique is that it's largely controlled remotely by a human being rather than by a set of software algorithms.

.. Continu READ MORE
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Organic Farming “Benefits Biodiversity” … but has lower yields. —Antonio Regalado, senior editor, biomedicine

Facebook Messenger video calling is now available worldwide

Facebook Messenger gets a brand new dedicated website

Facebook has announced that its new addition to Messenger, namely video calling, has now rolled out across the globe.

The video calling capability was bolted on to Messenger on both iOS and Android at the end of last month, READ MORE

Senate schedules rare Saturday vote on bill to limit NSA surveillance powers
open source congress

The Senate has scheduled a vote this Saturday on a bill that would scale back the National Security Agency’s ability to collect surveillance data.

The body will vote on the Freedom Act, which was passed by the House of Representatives by a READ MORE

Ev Williams’ Obvious Ventures closes $123,456,789 fund

Obvious Ventures, the venture capital firm cofounded by Twitter’s Evan Williams, announced the close of its very first fund today.

Guess how much it raised? $123,456,789. No joke.

The close of this fund  READ MORE

Idealab-backed Quick.ly raises more than $5M to reinvent mobile search
Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 2.02.54 PM

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Stealth mobile search startup READ MORE

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