Employees are the biggest security risk in the cloud


Staff members present the biggest security risk to a company, and the most likely weak point when it comes to data in the cloud.

According to the recent State of SMB Cybersecurity report from CloudEntr, which took in the opinions of 438 IT pros across 20+ different industr READ MORE

Eva Wants To Quantify Your Showering
Eva Eva is a device that attaches to your shower, adding a proximity sensor, temperature sensor and a water flow valve so it can intelligently throttle back the water flow when the ideal water temperature is reached or when the occupant has stepped away from the shower head. READ MORE
Sign up now to beta test a ‘Dog Wearable Device’ with Betabound by Centercode

doge Nowadays, dog ownership is more like adopting a baby than buying a pet. What do I mean by this? Canines are often a part of people's families, sometimes kept in higher regard than the human members. While this may seem crazy to some, I totally get it. My dog has more clothes than me and she has more toy READ MORE

The 180 QX Drone With HD Camera + Extra Battery

Get 20% off the 180 QX drone with HD camera + extra battery ($189.99 incl. shipping)

The maiden flight of a drone is a magical moment. Unless you accidentally fly it into a precious relative, that is. The 180 QX Drone has been designed with easy piloting in mind, and right now, it is READ MORE
‘The Colbert Show Over?!?’ An Email From Your Dad
The final episode of The Colbert Report.

The final episode of The READ MORE

3D-printed tumor replicas to better measure doses of cancer-fighting drugs

3D printing models of tumors and their surrounding organs could help specialists to delive...

Administering the correct dosages to fight cancerous tumors can be a difficult balancing act. Too much of the radioactive drugs can cause harm to healthy tissue, but not enough will see the cancer cells survive and continue to spread. But a new technique developed at The Institut READ MORE
Seven Must-Read Stories (Week Ending December 20, 2014)

Another chance to catch the most interesting, and important, articles from the previous week on MIT Technology Review.

Pandora brings your music to Xbox One


Pandora is one of the grandfathers of streaming music services, and remains among the most affordable and well known sources around. It's available on phones and even set-top boxes, not to mention, right on your computer. There are also apps for smart TVs and Blu-ray players. In othe READ MORE

Flickr Removes Creative Commons Images From Its Wall Art Program Following Backlash
flickr-wall-art Last month, Flickr expanded its Wall Art print service to include images from the photo-sharing site’s professional artists as well as images licensed for commercial use through Creative Commons. The project was originally intended to allow photographers profit from the sale of images made READ MORE
Mobile Commerce Consolidation As Mozido Takes Majority Stake In CorFire
corfire Just days after Dutch digital commerce provider Adyen announced a $250 million round of funding, another heavily capitalised player in the space has made an acquisition to up its game. Mozido, a mobile commerce specialist that raised $185 million in October 2014 after raising $103 mil READ MORE
Geek deals: Asus 15.6-inch laptop with 4GB RAM for $200, Samsung HDTV for $198 with $75 gift card
Asus-X551MAV-625x350pxToday we’ve got a pair of deals that won’t put too much of a hurt on your bottom line, while still providing you with the performance you need for everyday tasks. Get a […] Go to Source READ MORE
The Stunning Collapse of the Ruble
An employee wipes a TV screen in a shop in Moscow during a broadcast of President Vladimir Putin. (ALEXANDER NEMENOV/AFP/Getty Images)

An employee wipes a TV screen in a shop in Mo READ MORE

Still Not On Inbox By Gmail? They Just Gave All Users 10 Invites Each
inbox-feature Have you somehow still not gotten a chance to try Inbox, despite Google opening up the service to anyone who asked on multiple occasions? It’s okay. I understand. You can’t be sitting on Twitter looking for these sorts of things to pop up all the time. You have stuff to do. Important thi READ MORE
ZZ Photo Is A Photo App That Can Organize Your Snapshots By Pet
Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 5.16.43 PM Does your photo management solution recognize your cat? Your mom? Your dog? No, it does not. That’s why there’s ZZ Photo. The app, built by a Ukrainian team, is essentially a shoebox for all of your photos but with a few smarts built in. It i READ MORE
Hulu and FX agree to deal for more content on the streaming service

Hulu Plus

If you subscribe to Hulu, and many cord-cutters, along with some who aren't, do, then you know that it has become a haven for content of all sorts. Care to watch last night's episode of The Blacklist? You can do that, along with countless other shows. The service has also been working on original cont READ MORE

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Scientists developing drug that could prevent sun-related aging of skin

The 'tanning bed for mice' used in the research

Excessive exposure to sunlight is the leading cause of skin deterioration, causing it to age prematurely. We need some exposure, however, in order to synthesize vitamin D – plus who wants to stay in the shade all the time? Using a good sunscreen definitely helps, although scientists from the University of British READ MORE
How colleges and universities embrace technology


Digital technologies have changed the way that college students and prospective students do everything from applying to school and enrolling in courses, to participating in class and takin READ MORE

Like a rolling stone: Tiny Alpine cabin resembles an oversized rock

Antoine, by Swiss architecture firm Bureau A (Photo: Dylan Perrenoud)

Here's an example of small living that's a little different from the norm. What appears on first glance to be a large boulder is actually a tiny cabin that contains all the basics you'd need for a short stay in the mountains. The cabin is the work of Swiss architecture firm Bureau A, and was recently in READ MORE
Is it a drone? Is it a race car? Amazon Prime Now promises 1 hour delivery

delivery man

Amazon has been toying with delivery ideas for sometime now. The company has talked of same day service, there were rumors of it creating its own FedEx-like fleet, then there was the Jeff Bezos appearance on 60 Minutes -- you know, where he showed off a video of drone delivery. READ MORE

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