Forget Facebook, Microsoft now has a ‘share with Yammer’ button


Okay, that may be a bit over the top. I doubt most users will be forgetting Facebook anytime soon, but it isn't the only social network. Don't forget Microsoft owns Yammer, which is geared more towards business than personal use. That doesn't mean it should be left out of the equa READ MORE

Employees are distracted by technology — should employers ban smartphones?


I will admit that I am addicted to my smartphone -- there, I said it. Quite frankly, I am becoming addicted to my smartwatch too, but I digress. You see, I am not alone in this, as many people seem glued to their devices nowadays. However, I know to put away my devices when it is time READ MORE

Tim Armstrong Doesn’t Say The Wrong Thing About Women In The Workplace
Tim Armstrong Aol-1-2 Tim Armstrong may have shown other CEOs how to speak with respect and admiration about women in the workplace during his comments onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt London. In the past few weeks and months, conversations have run the gamut from companies such as Google and Facebook willin READ MORE
Microsoft is killing Xbox Music free streaming

Microsoft ending Xbox Music free streaming from 1 December

Microsoft is pushing music fans towards Music Pass by cutting off one supply of free streaming music. On December 1st, the free streaming feature of Xbox Music will be no more, leaving Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and web users looking for new READ MORE

When Should Startups Hire A CFO?
shutterstock_119165185 Many founders and CEOs of start-ups don’t spend a lot of time thinking about CFOs. When it comes to finance for a start-up, founders focus on more pressing needs: What’s my burn rate? How long is my runway? How does our annual recurring revenue (ARR) look? How much more READ MORE
McLaren releases interior images of "world’s greatest track car to be," the P1 GTR

McLaren's P1 GTR is a track-only version of its P1 supercar

McLaren has continued the drip-feed of info about its upcoming P1 GTR. The company is aiming for the racing version of its P1 supercar to be the world's greatest track car, and it has some suitably mind-boggling specs. Now, a stripped down interior and F1-based steering wheel have also been revealed... Co READ MORE
Microsoft brings Outlook, OneDrive, & Office Online under one launcher
Microsoft brings Outlook, OneDrive, & Office Online under one launcher

Above: The new app launcher.

Image Credit: Microsoft

You no longer need to open a bunch of browser tabs to start using online applications from Microsoft like Office Online,, and OneDrive READ MORE

Twitter unveils Fabric, an SDK for for Twitter Feeds and crash tracking, at its first developer conference
Twitter unveils Fabric, an SDK for for Twitter Feeds and crash tracking, at its first developer conference

SAN FRANCISCO —  Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo kicked off the company’s developer conference, Twitter Flight, from the stage of the Bill Graham Civic Center Wednesday, unveiling a much anticipated modul READ MORE

Why is their Undercounting of Ebola ? Because it would wrong to risk lives for an accurate count
The Journal Science - Scienceinsider discusses the science, statistics and disease situation and methodology behind the estimate of 2.0 to 2.5 times undercounting of Ebola cases and Ebola deaths.As the Ebola epidemic unfolds, underreporting appears to be getting worse. In August, the World Health Organization said that the reported Ebola numbers "vastly underestimate& READ MORE
Google launches Inbox, the smart inbox that ‘works for you’

Google launches Inbox, the smart inbox that 'works for you'

Hands up if your inbox is out of control? From that quick show of hands, it's clear that the idea of inbox zero has not caught on globally. We all have more email to deal with than ever before, even if most of it is junk. Google has a new solu READ MORE

Twitter Introduces Fabric, A Toolkit For Developers To Build Apps On Its Platform
At Twitter’s Flight conference this morning, Dick Costolo’s introduced Fabric, a set of APIs aimed at developers to encourage them to build apps and services on top of the Twitter platform. In the build up to introducing the new APIs, Costolo said that Twitter “wanted to approach this not from the perspective of what would be best for Twitter, but what would help [developers]… READ MORE
Lumific’s new Android app means your work ends after you snap your photos
Lumific’s new Android app means your work ends after you snap your photosImage Credit: Lumific/Facebook

Although Dropbox has yet to acquire them as I pre READ MORE

Google Earth for Android gets new 3D rendering technology, updates in sync with Google Maps
Google Earth for Android gets new 3D rendering technology, updates in sync with Google Maps

Google today released a major update to Google Earth for Android, including new 3D rendering technology that overhauls the s READ MORE

Lockheed has built its first Compact Fusion Test Machine and fired 200 Test Shots
Lockheed Martin made a lot of news when they revealed their compact nuclear fusion project last week with promises of commercial nuclear fusion within ten years.Recent criticism has forced project leader McGuire to provide more technical and project details.McGuire acknowledged the need for shielding against neutrons for the magnet coils positioned inside the reactor vessel. READ MORE
The Culture Gabfest “Live From Boston” Edition

Listen to Culture Gabfest No. 318 with Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner with the audio player below.

Google tries to rethink email (again) with Inbox, a new service inspired by Google Now
Google tries to rethink email (again) with Inbox, a new service inspired by Google Now

Today Google announced Inbox, a new email client which collects and organizes emails to highlight “important info at a glance.” The READ MORE

How to Turn an Archaeologist Into an Underwater Iron Man

Photo: Brett Seymour

A diver from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution tries out the exosuit beneath a Hellenic Navy vessel.

It used to be that all an archaeologist needed was a READ MORE

10 music releases that brought down entire websites


The Internet and digital downloads have moved us past the times when the shelves of record stores were often cleared of every last copy of the latest hit single. But that doesn't mean that the mad onslaught of devoted fans can't still cause havoc as they scramble to get the newest songs.

The busi READ MORE

Fitness Tracker Moov Raises $3 Million For Its Wearable A.I. Coach
App_Collection The crowdfunded fitness tracker Moov, built by former Apple engineer and HALO game designer Nikola Hu, Microsoft Research vets Meng Li (now Moov CEO) and Tony Yuan, has raised $3 million in new funding in a Series A round led by Banyan Capital. The additional capital follows Moov’s earlier READ MORE
Pandora Now Offers Audience Data To Musicians
heat-map-for-amp-blog Pandora just announced something called the Artist Marketing Platform, offering a variety of listener data to everyone whose music is played on the Internet radio service. In the release announcing the AMP, Pandora says the platform will offer data about each song (including the tota READ MORE
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