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Five of the Coolest-Looking VR and AR Headsets, Apps, and More Coming in 2018

Get ready for wireless virtual reality, Harry Potter in AR, and a Spielberg movie based on a hit novel about VR.

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How to use Kodi to play classic video game ROMs — Mario, Sonic, Zelda, and more!

As someone who was born in the 1980s, I experienced the golden age of video games. While the graphics were archaic by today’s standards, the games were much more fun than the ones of today. People tend do forget that

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Ring in New Year 2018 with Manjaro Linux 17.1.0

Today is the big day — New Year’s Eve! Tonight, many people will celebrate ringing in the new year at midnight. They will drink champagne, dance, and generally have a fun time. If you are a nerd like me, however,

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What were your best nine Instagram photos from 2017?

 You might have noticed a new end-of-year trend on Instagram the past few days. If so, you can thank, a website that lets you automatically collect and collage your most-liked photos of 2017. Best Nine has been around for

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UK Breaks 13 Clean Energy Records in 2017

It’s been a rough year for the United Kingdom. But amidst Brexit backlash, terrorist attacks, and the deaths of Sirs John Hurt and Roger Moore, there was one shining beacon of hope: the […] The post UK Breaks 13 Clean

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Voice interfaces beginning to find their way into business

 Imagine attending a business meeting with an Amazon Echo (or any voice-driven device) sitting on the conference table. A question arises about the month’s sales numbers in the Southeast region. Instead of opening a laptop, opening a program like Excel

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The Year American Hegemony Ended

This is American diplomacy at its most heavy-handed and tone-deaf.

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A multi-decade economic boom

There was a long period of stronger productivity growth from 1917 to 1973 driven by low-cost oil and increasing usage of cars and more efficient factories. We are entering a new period of stronger productivity growth from energy cheaper than

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Twitter ended the year on a fascinating run

 It’s been pretty easy to point at Twitter and, with each quarterly moment when it discloses its financial guts, let out a long exasperated sigh. But then something interesting happened in the back half of 2017: it went on a

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A Look Inside Cézanne’s Studio, Through the Eyes of Joel Meyerowitz

Andrea K. Scott writes about Joel Meyerowitz’s “Cézanne’s Objects,” a collection of photographs of the painter Paul Cézanne’s studio. Go to Source

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It’s the Jons 2017!

 Happy New Year! It’s been a transformational year in tech. The golden era of startups ended. Sorry about that. The tech industry finally rolled over a big rock it had ignored and/or leaned on for years, and exposed the squirming

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How a Fictional Racist Plot Made the Headlines and Revealed an American Truth

Merve Emre on the late writer John A. Williams’s novel “The Man Who Cried I Am” and its fictional King Alfred Plan, which gripped the American public in 1967. Go to Source

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CA to Legalize Recreational Pot—It’s Makeover Time for Dispensaries

‘The customer should feel like they are shopping for a product, not transacting a drug deal.’

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Apple’s $29 iPhone battery replacement offer is available right now — but supplies are limited

After admitting to slowing down older iPhones, Apple subsequently apologized for the lack of transparency about the issue. In addition to the apology, the company also announced that iPhone owners would be able to replace their batteries at a discounted

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Donald Trump wants US Postal Service to charge Amazon ‘much more’

In an attack on Amazon, President Trump has called upon the US Postal Service to charge the retail giant “much more” to ship packages to customers. This is not the first time Trump has hit out at Amazon and Jeff

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These apps will help you keep your New Year’s resolutions

 Almost half of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Far fewer stick to them. “Losing weight” and “exercising more” are among the most popular goals. A sizeable percentage of Americans also aim to “be a better person.” TechCrunch reviewed apps that are

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18 Exponential Changes We Can Expect in the Year Ahead

Where will the trajectory of the tech world, from cryptocurrencies to Silicon Valley culture, take us in 2018?

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Hyperscale data centers reached over 390 worldwide in 2017

 Hyperscale operators are defined as enormous companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google that need to provide computing on a massive scale. You would think that there would be a limited number of this type of highly specialized data center,

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The food revolution may have just needed a cup of Blue Bottle

 Each massive exit in the tech ecosystem usually follows the same cycle: an upstart becomes a huge business, it goes public or sells for a huge sum of money, many of the best people that built it take off and

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The New York Times pulls support for its Windows Phone app

Microsoft’s Windows Phone was actually pretty terrible. While it had some redeeming qualities, the now-failed platform was was quite deficient compared to iOS and Android. Only the absolute biggest Microsoft loyalists truly embraced it, and even they have mostly moved

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