Like “The Daily Planet” or “The Daily Bugle” though fictional, has been important to our pop culture. SkynetChronicles However is not fictional but real we believe the theory about Skynet is real. Our society is increasingly reliant on technology, and data behind these technologies is used and mined for towards target marketing and predictability strategy for individuals. We believe the machines has begun their gradual campaign and its important that we make society aware of the unknowns that is slowly creeping into our society. SkynetChronicles is important now and will be more important in the future. We are the voice of the people, we are a blog site, Internet magazine, and our duty is to communicate what’s happening around future technologies and how gradually things are beginning to change. Please join us, help be the voice of the “Future news happening now” we will do our best to communicate what is left between the lines when it comes to technology, your voice will be heard, be part of SkynetChronicles, be the voice.

Chief Editor.